Sunday, December 14, 2014

After Online Talk Show

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to all participants and Professor Jeff who gave us a great chance.

Our final spectacular has been finished...!

I and my precious partner Seohyun prepared a lot of things for the special time. 

Our topic was Job and Career and through this topic we hoped to have a time thinking about our future and reality. 

With participants we shared our opinion about job, our future career, talking about 'yeol-jeong pay' (열정 페이 /passion pay) and made a choice among happy job with low income and unhappy job with high income. Most of participants chose having happy job! And we agreed on the choice. Finally, we talked about our second plan of our life.  

It was really fun and I wish other participants also enjoyed our spectacular.

Before our turn other spectacular teams did their best ! But unfortunately the connection wasn't good... It was so regrettable...

Hoping to find your dream job I wish to see my classmates and Jeff again !

Thank you very much

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