Sunday, December 14, 2014

After Online Talk Show

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to all participants and Professor Jeff who gave us a great chance.

Our final spectacular has been finished...!

I and my precious partner Seohyun prepared a lot of things for the special time. 

Our topic was Job and Career and through this topic we hoped to have a time thinking about our future and reality. 

With participants we shared our opinion about job, our future career, talking about 'yeol-jeong pay' (열정 페이 /passion pay) and made a choice among happy job with low income and unhappy job with high income. Most of participants chose having happy job! And we agreed on the choice. Finally, we talked about our second plan of our life.  

It was really fun and I wish other participants also enjoyed our spectacular.

Before our turn other spectacular teams did their best ! But unfortunately the connection wasn't good... It was so regrettable...

Hoping to find your dream job I wish to see my classmates and Jeff again !

Thank you very much

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Topic for Online Talk Show!! < Job and Career >

My coworker
'An seo hyun'(

Welcome ladies and gentlemen !!!!
여러분 안녕


The reason why we choose this topic is in our class most of students are juniors and seniors who are ready for getting a job and having many stress about it. As a our reality, We'd like to have a talk with my lovely classmates and the other. So we could criticize our reality of society and share our think and opinion.

우리가 이 주제를 선택하게된 이유는 우리 반에 대부분 학생들이 취준생으로서 취직에 대해 많은 스트레스를 받고 있습니다. 그래서 우리와 가장 밀접한 현실인 취직에 대해 이야기를 하고 싶었습니다. 이를 통해 우리나라의 현실을 비판하기도 하며 우리가 가야하는 방향에 각자의 생각을 나눴으면 합니다.

So the opening question is 'Definition of a job.'

" What does a 'job' mean to you? "
            당신에게 직업이란 무엇인가요?

"Do you believe that all occupations are equally honorable?"

Ex) 경비원 분신자살

Question 2.
Problem of getting a job for Korean young people.

"What do you think about youth unemployment in Korea?"

청년실업 그림 / 그래프 / 통계치 자료 첨부

(small question)
"What does students should prepare qualifications to get a job?"

It was derived from 'specific' in English but it changed in Korea as a qualification to have a job.

우리나라 스펙 7대 스펙

Many students spend a lot of money to make their 'spec'. For example, Average of the money they spend is about $3000 (\330,000). Even It becomes a debt for students  before getting a job. Also, student loan is problem as a debt.

- Do you also have a debt like student loan?

(빚에 허덕이는 학생 그림)

+There are new neologisms coined by unemployment problems in Korea

1) 'NEET' It means 'Not in education, employment or training.' They are differ from Freeter which indicates part-time workers and who wants be a regular worker.

2) 'Jobnomard' They usually change their job following tendency. But recently It calls people who develops new job by doing their own.

3)취집(Chwi Jip) It is compounded word in Korean. It is from the Korean words '취업' (employment) and '시집' (a feminine word of marriage). So women who get married rather than get a job.

and so on......

+열정페이 (Passion pay)
It is also a new word reflects current unemployment.


In the video, 3 men are taking about the new word "열정 페이(Yeoljeong pay)". This word criticizes Korean employment. When young people work for their career like doing internship , some employers give them a little money. Because they think that employees work with passion and they learn work as a free of charge ,so that they don't have to pay them a wage. It seems that this is 'exploitation'.

Question 3.
2nd job for senior in aging society

Recently, senior people retired their job are increasing in our society and we are going to be old in the future. So, we should think about it

What would you like to do after retiring ? Do you have a second plan of your life? What is it? Tell me about it!

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Topic - Plastic surgery for getting job

Today I'd like to discuss about this topic

This video is showing a part of popular variety show "Non-summit (비정상회담)",  in Korea. In this show, foreigners who are from different countries and lived in Korea for a long time discuss about hot issues in Korea.

This part is discussing about unemployment problems. These days, To get a job is compared to "War" between young men who prepare for being employed in Korea. But competition is more harsh day by day and it became a "Spec war". Spec is actually derived from an English word 'specification' and it means educational background and abilities of English or foreign languages in Korea. Also, it includes a variety of certifications and even an appearance is became a standard of evaluation. It is caused by hard competition and low opportunities to get a job.

To get better opportunities than the others made a new word "plastic surgery for getting job" (취업성형) and grew a tendency among young people having a cosmetic surgery.

-So how do you think about this tendency?

-What do you think about plastic surgery for getting job? Is it necessary?

-Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?

-What do you think about the beauty oriented society in Korea?

-Do you think that there is a difference between a cosmetic procedure and surgery ?

 double eyelid

-Have you ever undergone a cosmetic procedure?

 physiognomy (관상)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The story of my travel to bagan

It takes about 6 hours to Bagan from Yangon by express bus. The bus departed in the late afternoon, so when I arrived in Bagan It was dawn so dark. I slept enough while I took the bus. After I get off the bus I met horse men at the station. There were many men to pick up guests. I needed a horse man because I didn't know how to go to my lodging.

I choose one horse man who was fairly kind, humorous and can speak English not well but we could communicate. I was not good at Burmese ( and also now).. so without English I couldn't communicate with Burmese.

Anyway It was too early to go my lodging he suggested me to spend a time drinking tea. So I followed him and we discussed about my trip schedule.  I didn't have any place that I really want to go in mind and I didn't have any knowledge about Bagan at that time .. I just wanted to see everything in Bagan at first time then when I visit Bagan again second trip it would be more useful and be moved again. Eventhough I had no plan about my trip, as a guide, the driver conducted me.  And then we leave for first place.

 Thanks for the horseman I could see this beatiful scene. ( I'm so regretful that I have a bad ability to take a picture '_; )

Can you see two rainbows??
It was amazing!!!!

This horse ,named "Medusa", led me to wonderful places I really appreciated her.

There were many greate places.
Nowdays in this semester I learn about Burmese history, so I'll study about the places and legend of these pagodas and I hope to visit there again.

I'd like to tell about my travel story that I went to Bagan in Myanmar. When I was in Myanmar I usually stayed in Yangon after I finished my task and learning Myanmar language. I've been there for 3 days and It's just a short time.

I really regret that I didn't take a lot of picture and I already studied about these placese...!!!  (I have another things but there aren't better pictures than these... )

Wednesday, September 24, 2014